Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analysers

Total Hydrocarbon Gas / TCD Analysers

The Model 23-502, uses the Flame Ionisation Detector (FID), which measures Hydrocarbons present in a sample stream.

The 23 Series Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analyser is now available in a newly designed format. After a very successful life in the Analog domain, we are happy to release the new digital Gas Analyser which will measure your Total Hydrocarbons in a Gas Stream.

Using the latest technology, which allows the operator to interact with the analyser via 5.7” QVGA touchscreen display; this analyser will provide excellent results and provides extra layers of features previously not enjoyed with older models.

Using Mass Flow Control devices on the Sample Line, with a three way solenoid bank within, a customer has excellent control and unattended operation of Zero, Sample and Span of the instrument.

Applications range from THC measurement in Industrial Gas production to Air Separation Units (plants) to Fenceline monitoring at industrial sites.

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