These handheld gas analysers employ industry-leading components at their core combined with AGC’s cutting-edge engineering solutions and are specially designed for a range of sampling applications. With armored tubing and specialised filtration and flow-limiting devices utilised, these analysers perform straightforward, fast and accurate readings at the touch of a button.

The Veri-GAS CO2 analyser measures the carbon dioxide content of a gas stream from a pressurised system. The compact sample probe contains an in-built particle filtration system and flow limiting devices in addition to the easy connection system to take a reading from a sampling point. The specially customised nondispersive infrared sensor (NDIR) is ideal for testing the percentage levels of Carbon Dioxide in welding gas mixtures such as Carbon Dioxide and Argon with the balance shown also.

The Veri-GAS O2 analyser measures the oxygen content in the area between two pieces of metal to be welded together which is typically purged with argon prior to welding. The customised sample probe dissipates any heat that may be in the area and is connected to an industry-specific particle filter to make the Veri-GAS O2 a robust device in challenging welding environments.

Sample measurements and results are achieved within seconds and these units can operate for several hours on one charge. Alternatively, it can be operated whilst running off the Mains AC power. With a high degree of functionality, Product and Operator ID’s are selectable on the Veri-GAS units and calibration can be performed by the operator. This makes the Veri-GAS range both economical and reliable for prolonged usage in industrial applications.

All calibration and testing is done based on our customers’ application requirements prior to shipping and AGC Instruments has over 50 years of experience within the gas analysis industry hence quality and reliability is assured. Click here for more information.

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