There is no interference from matrix gases which occurs in spectrometry analysers and it is applicable for all types of CO2 Sources whether in the Food & Beverage industry (to ISBT, EIGA and CGA Standards) or for Sulphurs in Natural Gas. These are among a number of applications for which the NovaCHROM 5000 GC can be used.

AGC NovaCHROM 5000 Sulphur Analysis

Cutting edge technologies are employed whereby multiple column ovens, using heated valves to eliminate cold spots, are combined with passivated tubing to maximise sensitivity and achieve ultra low ppb levels. As a result, quick analysis times are achieved of between one to five minutes typically. Teflon tubing is also used depending on the application as well as flame-off and flow restrictor safety features. Furthermore, the NovaCHROM 5000 can be used with Natural Gas and ATEX versions are available upon demand.

Sulphurous species such as H2S , COS , CS2 , Mercaptans and Sulphides can be measured with sensitivity to low ppb levels and highly accurate and stable results combined with longevity of use. The NovaCHROM GC range is automated and controlled using the large colour 6.5” LCD Touch Screen with the option of full Control by TrendVision PLUS Software. A drop down front panel provides easy access during maintenance and boosts built-in Safety Features such as Flame-Off Protection and integrated diagnostics and configurable alarm systems.

AGC Instruments has over 50 years experience in providing customers with their “Total Gas Analysis Solutions”. Working closely with all customers, AGC ensures that they obtain the analytical solution that meets their needs and a system that is easy to use and understand. As a result, all AGC distributors are extremely experienced and factory trained to the highest standards, offering you a complete after sales support service.

For further information on the NovaCHROM Gas Chromatograph range, please download the brochure here or contact us so we can assist you with any queries you may have.

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