Our Policy is to provide our customers with a “Total Solution”. We work closely with each customer to design a Gas Chromatography system that is best suited to their application.

Our Engineers are located at our Headquarters in Ireland.

All our detectors are made in-house, giving us significant expertise, which we pass on to our valued customer base. We would pride ourselves on being one of the only companies that manufactures all the detectors that are used in our Gas Chromatograph solutions, therefore claiming knowledge of applications that surpass many others.

All our Distributors and Sales Representatives are carefully selected to ensure that they have the necessary skills to provide a dedicated and expert back-up service to the customer when our Instruments arrive on site. They have in-depth expertise from unpacking to Installation to Commission through to ongoing Maintenance service.

We also offer the latest in “Remote Support” Software, whereby our Engineers can support all our applications fully over the web, through a secure interface. All in real time and with complete confidence to provide the required back up to the operator when needed.

Our in-house design team provides expertise and support in the area of new product development and we continually work on developing new AGC software solutions.