The requirement to produce various gases to meet the large requirements of customers requiring gases for numerous industries and applications is increasing all the time.

AGC Instruments has been providing customised Gas Chromatographs and Gas Analysers to the producers of Gases since 1965.

All our instruments are designed based on the application presented, and all our solutions are backed by our personal guarantee to work.

Any Company producing/manufacturing/filling any gases are now finding that customers require finite analysis of the end product to guarantee that the product meets their incoming specifications and standards.

Whether you require to measure the levels of impurities contained in the Matrix Gas from parts per million (ppm) to parts per billion (ppb) levels or to measure the Total Purity to % levels, then you need to consider using a Gas Chromatograph to provide your customer with the guarantee that your products are correct each and every time.

If your application falls under any of the headings, then AGC Instruments has the solution to your QC requirements.

For more information on how AGC Instruments can assist you with Pure Gas Applications please contact us directly.