Refinery based applications are always evolving and new processes are being developed to increase the performance and production capabilities on many Refinery type platforms

Some Typical applications include:

  • Analysis of CO in Propylene (C3H6) or in Ethylene (C2H4)
  • Analysis of Arsine (AsH3) & Phosphine (PH3) in Propylene (C3H6) or in Ethylene (C2H4)
  • Measurement of Hydrogen (H2) in Synthesis Gas
  • Methane/Non Methane Hydrocarbon Gas Analysis
  • Coal Gas Analysis

The NovaCHROM or NovaAIR or NovaPRO GC all provide a range of solutions in each key Petrochemical process.

For more information on how AGC Instruments can assist you with Refinery Applications please contact us directly.