Binary Stream Gas Analysers

The family of Binary Stream Gas Analysers on offer give our Customers a full range of options to allow them to measure various Binary Stream mixtures in many Industrial processes from ppm to %.

Using the AGC Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) which measures the difference in thermal conductivity between two gases. A selection of TCD's are available depending on the sensitivity required and the condition of the sample being measured.

Typical Binary Gas Applications include:

N2 in H2   O2 in H
H2 in O2
     O2 in N(flue gas)        NH3 in Air    
Methyl Bromide in Air
Ar in He     N2 in Argon 
O2 in Air
   CO2 in Helium   
     Natural Gas  in Air SO2 in Air
F2 in N
    Freon in Air    
He in Air

 If your application is not shown in the above table, then please contact us directly.