The new NovaSTREAM 6000 Gas Analyser from AGC Instruments provides a highly accurate and reliable platform for numerous continuous gas monitoring applications such as:

  • Total Hydrocarbons Analysis
  • % Ar in O2 Analysis
  • Trace N2 in Ar/He Analysis
  • % O2 Analysis
  • ppm H2O Analysis
  • ppm O2 Analysis
  • ppm CO2 & N2O Analysis

Utilising the latest advanced technologies, this analyser combines proven electronic technologies with a range of detectors to cover a host of applications whilst achieving precise results with minimal effort and training. Using the large colour interactive touch screen, the NovaSTREAM 6000 analyser is straightforward to use with whichever detector is present and all functionality is easily accessible and navigable.

The AGC Engineering Team will custom design and test an analytical solution to meet your application thereby providing a robust system which ensures an excellent stability, sensitivity and a long working life. All critical monitoring is automated through the use of Flow Sensors, Pressure Release Valves and voltage free alarm relays which provides peace of mind to the operator. Both Calibration and Alarm records are maintained also with a fallback option to restore factory settings.

The precise results obtained from this analyser can be transmitted via an array of communication modules such as: 4-20mA (2 off), mV Signal, USB (2 off) and VGA outputs. Active 4-20mA, Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485 outputs are also available as optional extras. This allows the analyser to be integrated seamlessly into all analytical infrastructures worldwide. The modular design with a drop-down front panel for easy access to the electronics allows for trouble-free maintenance and servicing. It is both cost effective and reliable with a low cost of ownership due to the low gas and power consumption.