Systems Integration is a core part of AGC Instruments’ offering and we can design and manufacture customised and turnkey solutions for our customers around the world. Our expertise in analytical solutions, sample conditioning, process technology and project management allows us to take you through the entire process. From Consultation to Project Planning and Management right through to the delivery, commissioning and training of all your operating persons, AGC Instruments can deliver guaranteed systems.

Sample Conditioning is an integral part of a dependable analytical solution and good quality samples minimise maintenance costs and analyser-related downtimes. Therefore, AGC Instruments develop sample conditioning systems customised for gas chromatographs systems in order to maintain precision high sensitivity analysis. AGC Instruments has extensive experience in a array of support infrastructure such as Corrosive Gas Handling Panels and Pressure Reducing Panel to name but a few. We can integrate these systems into your processes and existing infrastructure to achieve a reliable, accurate, and low maintenance turnkey solution.

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