The family of Binary Stream Gas Analysers on offer give our Customers a full range of options to allow them to measure various Binary Stream mixtures in many Industrial processes from ppm to %.

Using the AGC Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) which measures the difference in thermal conductivity between two gases. A selection of TCD’s are available depending on the sensitivity required and the condition of the sample being measured.

Typical Binary Gas Applications include:

N2 in H2O2 in H2
H2 in O2
O2 in N(flue gas)NH3 in Air
Methyl Bromide in Air
Ar in HeN2 in Argon
O2 in Air
CO2 in Helium
Natural Gas  in AirSO2 in Air
F2 in N2
Freon in Air
He in Air

If your application is not shown in the above table, then please contact us directly.

50 Series Binary Stream Gas Analyser

Using the AGC High Sensitivity Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD), the 50 Series Continuous Gas Analyser is customised to meet your exact requirements. This range of Binary Stream Gas Analysers contains a temperature controlled Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) which enables it to be used in continuous monitoring applications with minimum zero drift, excellent stability and excellent results.

Ideal for continuous monitoring applications of gas streams at low ppm impurities. It includes a temperature controlled cabinet to allow a stable thermal environment for the system. Available in various configurations depending on the customers requirement.

New Features include a 5.7”QVGA touch screen interface to allow the functions of this Analyser. A Mass Flow Controller meets the gas control functions to ensure excellent reliability and stability of results.

Other options available include:

  • 2 off 4-20mA outputs
  • 2 off Alarms
  • Sample/Zero/Span Gas Selection Manifold for automatic operation

For more information on our 50 Series Binary Stream Gas Analyser please contact us directly.